An Shen (head, neck / shoulder and back massage)

An Shen means lighting. The An Shen massage is a very gentle relaxing massage on the head, neck and shoulder, giving a very deep relaxation to the muscles. This is a very nice treatment in case of headache and stuck neck and shoulder. This massage is a combination of Chinese acupressure and Western massage techniques.

According to the Chinese, the different energies (qi) flow through our body via the meridians. We have 12 main meridians (acupuncture points are also on these meridians). Each main meridian is in contact with an important organ, e.g. stomach, liver, kidney, etc. The meridians are the connecting links between the internal organs and between the superficial and deeper tissues. The massage:

  • Reduces mental stress;
  • Has a beneficial effect on the blood circulation;
  • Improves energy and blood circulation and thus oxygen supply both to the skin and to the nervous system.

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