Relaxed staff

A relaxed co-worker is a productive and creative employee

Office can be a stressful place. Deadlines, workload, less alternation of work and many hours in the same position (behind the computer) can provide a lot of stress. To reduce this stress, the most successful companies have started integrating workplace relaxation. Several studies have shown that a relaxed employee provides a higher level of production, better concentrating and is more creative.

Foot reflexology

A proven efficient way to relax is foot reflexology. This form of massage has already been used in ancient China, Egypt and the Indians. They discovered that feet could be classified into zones, each corresponding to important organs and body parts. Scientific research, at the beginning of the last century, eventually led to reflex zone therapy. With this treatment, all reflex points are massaged on your feet. A stressed employee will obtain a massage of the feet, so that the corresponding organ can be rebalanced. This allows the blood circulation to flow unconstrained and provide the cells with nutrition and the necessary oxygen, the physical organs can then return to normal condition and function properly.

The advantages

NAfter a foot zone reflexology, every employee feels relaxed and refreshed with a greatly reduced chance of (work related) disorders. The advantages for the company are:

  • A motor for good and healthy business performance
  • Cost saving and evident less work related disorders
  • Employees who feel good
  • Enthusiasm on the work floor (gemba)
  • Low cost with high ROI (return on investment)
  • A accepted “ARBO” regulation (fiscal attractive)
  • An attractive secondary working condition
  • Attractive employer

Fiscal attractive for employers!

Companies can use fiscally attractive reflex zone therapy since 2010 to prevent and reduce sick leave. The Association of Dutch Reflex Zone Therapists (VNRT) has reached agreement with the tax administration. Under certain conditions, reflex zone therapy is free from tax.

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