Pain relief by foot reflex therapy

What is pain?
The medical definition of pain is “an unpleasant, sensory and emotional experience associated with actual or possible tissue damage or described in terms of such damage”. 

Pain is initially a warning and critical to our health and well-being. Pain signals indicate that we need to do something to get rid of the pain. Unfortunately, all diseases do not immediately signal that something is wrong, for example cancer. There are various types of pain, physical pain and emotional pain, acute pain and chronic pain. The various pain signals affect daily physical activities, psychological and social functioning (avoidance of activities).
Pain is a combination of somatic (physical), psychological, cognitive and social (environmental) factors. That’s why everyone experiences pain in a different way. Internal pain due to illness and emotional pain are often not visible to the outside world. Anxiety for social rejection plays an important role in the lives of people who have (chronic) pain.

Research shows that 1 in 5 people suffer daily from pain. After 3 months of pain we speak of chronic pain. The cost of pain relief is higher than the cost of treating cancer and diabetes together. This indicates that pain is a serious problem that is not always recognized in our medical care.

What foot reflex therapy can do to release pain?
Holistically, pain is an indication that certain basic needs in a person are not satisfied or insufficient attention has been paid. Pain in a particular body part refers to what this person feels, misses or desires. Scientific evidence has shown that touch in the broadest sense of the word brings about a certain sensation in humans. The nervous system is stimulated and also the hormone system that releases certain substances to the brain, which makes us feel relaxed. Feet reflex massage is a form of touch where the feet are massaged. Feet have many nerve pathways that are stimulated by the massage. It activates the hormone system that releases the “feel good” hormone endorphin. This makes us feel relaxed and has a positive effect on ‘pain’. It causes the pain to be reduced and the self-healing mechanism of the body is activated. Foot reflex therapy is a beneficial addition that strengthens the regular pain relief. I have several clients with various pain disorders that benefit from foot reflex therapy.

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