Foot reflex – total

The Foot Reflex Total treatment consists of a number of components: massage of the meridian lanes, acupuncture points and the reflex zones. The shoulders / head / face / hands / arms / lower legs and feet are massaged. All this is preceded by a foot bath with Chinese herbs. This massage quickly creates a sense of well-being and relaxation.

VFeet Herbal bath
Relaxing with a foot bath with Chinese herbs, draws fatigue from the body, stimulates digestion and blood flow, vitalizes body and mind.

Meridian and acupuncture points
Meridians are energy channels that move the energy through our bodies. There are 12 main meridians and these all have the name of the organ with which they are connected. There is a kidney meridian, a stomach meridian, a spleen meridian etc. The main meridians are at the surface of the body. The acupuncture points are on the surface of the meridians.
Through the acupuncture points we can quickly get positive effects on the associated organs and tissues.

VBenefits of the massage

  • hIt relaxes;
  • It vitalizes the body. Blood circulation is stimulated causing muscles to function better. Stiffness and tightness in the morning can reduce or disappear;
  • It lets the mind come to rest. Grinding thoughts and worrying often overwhelmed the mind. When your head is resting, many disorders often disappear (headache, abdominal pain, neck and shoulders pain);
  • It is health promoting. It stimulates the self-healing mechanism of the body that can reduce or even eliminate disorders.

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