Nine benefits of a foot reflex therapy

A foot reflex zone therapy reduces the disorders in a wide range of acute or chronic conditions by activating the self-healing effect of the body. In addition, foot reflex zone therapy provides an important contribution to overall health and well being.

After a foot reflex zone therapy for a specific condition, many clients choose to continue regular treatments to maintain overall health and wellness improvements.

Stress is an all-important factor against the recovery of diseases

There is a strong relationship between stress and physical disorders such as muscular tension, cramps, muscle weakness, stomach and intestinal problems, headache etc. Stress is a brain reaction in the first place. The brain, in case of stress, is responsible for all kinds of physical changes. Where regular medicine cannot show inflammation, malfunctioning or other diseases, you may experience physical disorders from stress, even without feeling stressed.

With the ever-increasing amount of stress in our lives, foot reflexology therapy helps us to reduce the physical, mental and emotional effects of stress.

Most people experience the benefits of a foot reflex zone therapy immediately after the first treatment. However, there is also a group who, after first treatment, experiences disorders of fatigue or frequent urination. These symptoms usually disappear after a day. This group will benefit from a foot reflex zone therapy after the second treatment.

The advantages:
1. Total relaxation: foot reflex zone therapy slows down heart rate, lowers blood pressure, slows respiration, induces deeper breathing and reduces stress.
2. Detoxification: this gives you more energy, boosts the immune system and improves the overall sense of well-being.
3. Activates the self-healing ability: The self healing ability that everybody possesses and is used every day. In our sleep and in repairing wounds and fractures. By stress, this ability reduces.
4. Improves the nervous system: foot reflex zone therapy stimulates approximately 7000 nerve ends in the feet. Foot reflex zone therapy interrupts and reduces the pain.
5. Promotes mental well-being: When we are stressed, our body becomes more vulnerable to diseases and conditions (according to the American Medical Association, 85% of the diseases are due to stress). Foot reflex zone therapy reduces stress and provides total relaxation. As soon as the therapy begins, relaxation occurs.
6. Reduces any form of pain: from a migraine to joint pain.
7. Improves blood and energy circulation: Proper blood circulation is a requirement for the transport of oxygen and nutrients to the cells and the removal of toxin. Many studies show that foot reflex zone therapy relaxes the entire body including the cardiovascular system, which helps to improve natural blood flow.
8. Improves immune system: Foot reflex zone therapy stimulates the lymphatic system and reduces the risk of infection. Foot reflex zone therapy helps to remove toxic substances and stimulates the production of endorphin, which leads to improvement of the immune system and overall feeling of well-being.
9. Balances body and mind.

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