Foot reflex therapy


In foot reflex therapy, it is assumed that the reflex zones present on feet (and hands) correspond to the (vertical) body zones and thus correspond to all organs, glands and other parts of the body.
Through massage on the whole foot (or hand), the body relaxes, the blood flow improves and blockages in the nervous system are released.Foot reflex therapy brings the body in balance.


The human body works like a well-tuned machine. Each component functions optimally and all components work together. Thus the body is perfectly balanced. If one part fails, the machine (= body) may still work but does not function properly. The other components will eventually be overloaded and will fall out.
About 75% of today’s conditions can be attributed to stress and tension.
As a result, serious and minor disorders may occur in various ways such as cardiovascular disease, stomach and intestinal problems, headache, back and neck disorders.
Foot reflex therapy helps to balance the defective part and thus the whole body. This treatment activates the body’s self-healing ability.


Foot reflex therapy is a safe and natural treatment for disorders in many areas. It is a holistic therapy, not only looking at the disorder, but also at the way the person lives. It is a therapy that is applicable to everyone: babies, young children, adolescents and adults. But even if there are no disorders, a foot reflex massage is a wonderful relaxation, a treat. See it as a regular check-up for body and mind!



As mentioned earlier, foot reflex therapy is a safe and natural treatment for disorders in many areas of the body. The foot reflex therapist is not a doctor and does not do any medical diagnosing.
Foot reflex therapy and massage is good for your body and also works well in addition to other therapies. Foot reflex therapy is not a substitute for regular medical treatment.

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