In ancient China “health” was described as “not being sick”. Doctors were paid to maintain the family healthy and fit. Should someone come down with an illness payment was withdrawn or the doctor was fired which put a huge dent in his reputation. To help people stay healthy doctors developed Shiatsu. Shiatsu’s goal is to create a proper balance in the body to ensure free energy-flow between all organs and optimal functioning of the body.

Should the body become unbalanced (sick) then Shistsu will help to restore the balance and cure the body. Shiatsu creates equilibrium at physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels in human beings. Shiatsu is fully based on the vision of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Shiatsu massage

Shiatsu is an energetic body-massage in which by applying pressure on the meridians (energy-channels) , will activate or sedate the body’s intrinsic energy. This will cause energy to flow to those organs that are in need of support for their recovery. Prior to treatment the patient will be diagnosed. This diagnosis is done by feeling the wrist and hara (abdomen) and examining the tongue. These ancient Chinese diagnostic methods are still widely used in modern China. Similarly they prove to be very useful in our western society to find possible unbalance in the body. Based on this diagnosis a customer-specific treatment plan is created.

The Shiatsu massage takes between 45 and 60 minutes an is done on a traditional Japanes futon (mat) on the floor or massage table. (wet)Cupping can be part of the treatment and is always in consultation with cliënt. The massage  is done on top of your clothing. It is advised to wear loose-fitting clothes during the massage (eg jogging-pants and sweater or T-shirt).

It is also advised not to eat one to two hours before the treatment. 

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